Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little about me

I live on a farm in Oregon. I am married and have two children, a girl and a boy. We raise range fed beef, I guess around 30 head or so. We also have 9 goats on our farm, they happily eat their way through poison oak and blackberry bushes. We have a dog named Charlie and 5 cats; Samson, Luke, Chad, Sparta and Sophie. The kids are in college now and my husband and I are always trying to look forward with ideas for the farm.
So here you can get an idea of where we live. It is very beautiful in Oregon, though a little longer sunny season would be ok with me.

I suppose I should be showing pictures of my kitchen, since that is where I spend a huge part of my day. As many people know, when a person has food allergies/sensitivities it takes a little more dedication in the kitchen.  My allergies/sensitivities are as follows: all dairy, goat milk, chicken eggs, asparagus, almonds, filberts, peanuts, kidney beans, bananas, pineapples, beef, lamb, whole wheat and spelt. I also am sensitive to coffee and teas, yes, even herbal teas. I actually ended up finding out I was celiac as well. And if that wasn't enough, I have severe clinical hypoglycemia. The reason I list my allergies/sensitivities is simply for the reader to see what I am working with on a daily basis. I have eaten this way for almost 20 yrs. And before that.... so many doctor appointments and tests and never any answers as to why I was so sick. I started getting stomach aches in elementary school which was blamed on my nerves. My stomach would bloat up during the day and often I would throw up at night after dinner. By the time I got in junior high school I stopped eating lunch to avoid sitting in pain the rest of the day. Then when I got home I would eat. It was just easier that way. Doctors tried to help, but I think with so many foods involved it was difficult to find the solution. For example, one doctor took me off wheat for a week or two, but not dairy or eggs. As a baby I had to be on banana powder, even the soy and goat milk made me sick. In my early twenties I went to my first ND, who did some blood tests and said I was allergic to all meats and not to eat potatoes with grains. And to stop drinking diet Pepsi and crystal light. At first I started to feel better, but it wasn't the answer. As the year went on things just got worse. I even had to go to the ER during a night class because the pain was so severe that I couldn't even stand up straight. The doctor said he thought it must be gas pains, and explained how these pains can be felt from below the neck to the groin area. But I knew that wasn't the answer.

Some how I made it through college and even teaching Home Ec. and two pregnancies. Yes, still eating only breakfast until after school everyday. I would get stomach aches from breakfast, but if I ate lunch it was just too painful. After my son was born, my second pregnancy, I was starting to lose everything I ate. This is where celiac symptoms started to really show up. My husband and I could never go to friends house for dinner for fear what would result after eating, and often I had to walk a lot or lay on my back to deal with the pain. And when we went out for dinner we always had to go straight home. My husband is a trooper I would like to add. He has always been supportive and has never made me feel bad about all the problems I always seemed to cause, or the things he missed out on with friends. He is always so kind and understanding and very politely gets me out of awkward situations still to this day. Because, unfortunately even now, when I think I have eaten a safe food somewhere.... it is never a guarantee.
Along with these food issues I suffer from severe migraines. They are triggered by strong perfumes, bright lights, too much sun, sinuses, hormonal changes and you know it.....food. Thank goodness for the internet, it has been such a help for me.
As I share recipes and meal ideas in the future I will try offer substitute ingredients that can be used. And as many know with these food issues, we sometimes find foods we can rotate in a little, and some that we just never can. Luckily for me, I can have a banana several times a week and not react. But pineapple, not more than an occasional bite.
So there you have it.... a little about me. See why I am so darn busy in the kitchen?

There's more to me than just these food issues thank goodness! I  like sewing, crafts, swimming, biking, camping, going to the beach and working out.....yup, all that good stuff.

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog. And remember...focus on what you CAN have rather than what you can't have.  Happy eating.

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