Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super fast and delicious guacamole.

One of my very favorite things to eat is chips with guacamole, and I have had a lot of them. I can honestly say this is the absolute best flavor combination I have ever had. And it is so simple.  So let's begin....

First you need a very ripe avocado. Two if you are like me, and can eat one by yourself.
 Second you will need a very good Pico de Gallo. My favorite one is from Costco. If you don't have an avocado and they just are not ripe enough at the grocery store. Another option is to purchase Wholly Guacamole, in the refrigerated area of the vegetable section.

Peel and seed the avocado, and using a large serving fork mash until smooth and creamy. Place the mashed avocado in a small bowl. Using a large slotted spoon (so the juices drain off) spoon a heaping spoonful of  Pico de Gallo into the bowl and gently mix the two together. The amount of Pica de Gallo is really personal, I prefer a little more with mine.

 It is just that easy.

Also I've heard leaving the seed in the guac keeps it green longer. Cover guacamole with plastic wrap as air tight as possible, this will also help keep the green color.  Another idea…eat it all so you don't have to worry about it!

This is as good as it gets, I promise. Great topped on nachos, enchiladas, tacos or my favorite..... with good old corn chips.

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