Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep Asparagus Fresh Longer

I recently read some great tips on choosing and storing asparagus that I want to share.

First when choosing asparagus keep in mind the thin spears have a stronger grassy flavor and the larger ones a more mellow flavor. The asparagus should be firm to the touch, and the buds should be closed.

Apparently asparagus loses flavor faster than other veggies, so it needs to be used as soon as possible. But if you do need to store your asparagus, try these two tips: wrap the bunch in a moist paper towel and place in the vegetable crisper in fridge.

I then put the wrapped asparagus in an old freezer bag left open.

Another storage idea is to place asparagus upright in a container filled with about one inch of water, I used a jar.

When you are ready to prepare the asparagus, bend the bottom of one stem until you see a natural break. Use this as your guide for removing the woody ends. If the asparagus is stringy, use a vegetable peeler to remove the outer layer.

I hope this tip helps you enjoy more of this high nutritious vegetable.

These tips came from the April, 2012 issue of Shape magazine.  A magazine I highly recommend subscribing too! Always good health and fitness tips for readers.

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