Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enfrijoladas - Gluten Free

A meatless dinner that will satisfy even the hungriest appetite.  My husband said it was like eating at a restaurant - which is a nice compliment coming from a meat eater.  The entire meal was quick and simple.  I had been wanting to try Enfrijoladas, but just had not gotten around to it yet. Now I am sorry I waited so long. They are easy, quick, and tasty.  And they just happen to be gluten free!

Enfrijoladas - Gluten Free 
1 can fat free refried beans
1 cup vegetable, beef, or chicken broth, or mix 1/2 with water. I often even use just water.
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 tbsp or less olive oil
non-stick cooking spray
soft corn tortillas
grated mexican blend cheese or Daiya cheddar and mozzarella for Vegan or dairy allergies
sour cream optional
guacamole optional

Saute chopped onion in a small amount of olive oil. Set aside.
Place beans and about 3/4 cup of broth in a blender and puree until smooth. Or use a hand blender in a small saucepan. Heat mixture until hot. Stirring occasionally.  Add more broth as needed as beans thicken while heating.
Spray a small skillet with cooking spray. Heat up on med/high - add one corn tortilla at a time, flipping to heat both sides.
Dip corn tortillas in hot beans, coating both sides. I use tongs at this time.
Place dipped tortilla on a plate and fold in half and then fold again, should be somewhat of a triangle.
Top with sauteed onion and choice of cheese, guacamole or sour cream. Maybe all three?
Make a stack of two or three on each plate.

Serve with Quick & Easy Spanish Rice, or Black Beans & Rice With A Cuban Twist, corn and a salad. As shown here.

I also think Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries would be a nice option with this meal.

Those who count weight watcher points can add 8 points for two Enfrijoladas, using 1/2 cup of bean mixture. Cheese and other toppings are additional points.


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