Sunday, February 17, 2013

Garden Fresh Siberian Kale

I really love kale, maybe because it is such a high nutrient vegetable.  Before reading Eat To Live, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., I actually didn't even know it existed.  Now I never eat a salad without it.  I also include it in my stir-fry.

This year my husband decided to grow some for me in our summer garden. It turns out to be a very easy to grow, hardy plant. And because of its bitterness, the bugs don't seem to bother it.  When mixed in with all my other salad greens and colorful vegetables I can't even taste the bitterness. I only know that it is slightly bitter because I tried a bite just today as I was cleaning it.

We ordered the seeds for our garden on-line from Territorial Seed Company.

After cutting the fresh kale from the garden. I washed it with cold water and used a salad spinner to remove most of the water. I then spread it out on a large towel to finish drying. The dryer the kale or any other leafy greens are before you store them, the longer they will last. Then I used one of my recyclable containers and made layers with a single sheet of paper towel throughout the layers. I have shown this method earlier in my blog in Food Tips.

Check out other ways to enjoy kale, I know I plan on it.

Here is our Favorite Green Drink that uses kale:  Makes a large drink (we share one)
1 cup spinach or kale or 1/2 of each
1/2 cup blueberries(frozen) I like to use a whole cup for mine
1/2 banana (I like to use frozen bananas)
1 date
1/2 cup soy milk
1 Tbsp ground flax seed
1 cup up med apple (any variety) I use a green type
1 small handful walnuts
blend it all up and YUM! 
If you add more blueberries like will have a blue drink vs a green drink : )
Using a frozen banana will make a thicker drink like a grab a spoon.  Oranges and frozen red grapes add nice flavors too. There are lots of options for sure.
It might taste different than you expect at first, but boy oh boy does it grow on you...good luck! Mary

Weight Watcher Points Plus followers can count 7.25 pts with nuts, 6.25 pts without.


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