Sunday, June 2, 2013

Amping Up Your Cold Cereal With Oats & Quinoa Flakes

I want to share with you today one of the great ideas from the book, The Engine 2 Diet.  Mix up some cold cereals that are high fiber and low sugar, try to make healthy choices even though it's a processed food. Yes....I know! We've done this for years right?  But... what I, and maybe you haven't done, is add some uncooked old fashioned oats and uncooked quinoa flakes to the mix. Gluten free oats if needed. 

Mix the oats and quinoa flakes right in with your cereal. Add some chopped fruit and maybe some chopped nuts. Pour on the milk or milk substitute, and you will bite into the best bowl of breakfast cereal you have ever had. Plus the oats and quinoa will help you last longer between meals.

Weight watchers add 1/4 cup oats to your cereal and add 2 points plus.  Or add 2 Tbsp of  quinoa flakes and add 2 points. Maybe 1 Tbsp of each for a little variety, and add 1.5 points.

 I am gluten free so I have a combination of low sugar, gluten free cereals.  I keep this cereal mix in a gallon size storage bag ready whenever I am short on time. 

Pour on some uncooked old fashioned oats, (gluten free if needed) or quinoa flakes.

Mix it up a little, add fruit and nuts. Maybe sprinkle some cinnamon over the top.  You will love it!!

Fruit & nuts are not shown here.

I also like to keep a gallon size storage bag full of this cereal mix. It's easy to grab and take along somewhere for a snack or on an overnight or weekend trip. Especially if I am unsure of food options. I have even grabbed this bag and taken it to work when I was short on time.

Just one of the many survival ideas one needs when on a special diet.  

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