Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roasting Nuts & Seeds

Roasting nuts and seeds is really quick and easy.

No oil or salt is necessary, and they are delicious.

Commercial nuts and seeds are tossed with oil before roasting and just add more unnecessary fats to an already high fat food. Not all high fat foods need to be considered "bad." Nuts and seeds have a lot to offer, and can certainly be included in a diet in appropriate amounts.

I happen to love nuts and seeds!

I add a handful of roasted seeds to my daily salad with dried cranberries and dried mango. My two favorite seeds are sunflower and pumpkin. I find storing them in a jar keeps them fresh,  but any sealed container is fine. Keep them in a cool, dry place as well. For long term storage I suggest freezing them.

After purchasing raw nuts and/or seeds spread them on a cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees for 20 - 30 minutes. Smaller nuts like pine nuts will need less time than a cashew for example.

I've also seen instructions to roast nuts and seeds at temperatures as high as 350, but be careful not to burn them. I have found the lower temperatures work best for me.

 Half way through the cooking time stir them up a little. Let cool completely before placing in sealed containers.

I like storing my nuts and seeds in mason jars because I'm recycling, and it looks nice enough to set right on the table with dinner. 

I store my snack time nut mixes in mason jars too.  Honestly…I love seeing the colorful nuts through the jars.

Here is one of my own combinations I call, Mock "Grizzly" Trail Mix.


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