Sunday, May 25, 2014

Keeping it simple and delicious on Memorial Day.

Here are a couple quick & easy dessert ideas for Memorial Day, or any day.

For all of these desserts, decorating is the only thing you have left to do on the day you plan on eating these  simple, tasty treats. Decorating is not one of my specialties...the decorating used here is fast and easy. 
Make the cupcakes, brownies, and/or two layer cake ahead and freeze. Take item out of the freezer on the day you plan on using it and decorate. Frost while baked item is frozen or later that day.  Desserts will taste fresh and it will free up a couple of your hours in the kitchen. 

Cookie Dough Cupcakes with a simple holiday color theme topping.

German Chocolate brownies.

German Chocolate Cupcakes.

A basic chocolate cake decorated similar to the cupcakes. 

No decorating tips were used on this cake. I found out I needed a cake for a party about an hour before I had to leave.  Luckily I had a layered cake in the freezer so all I had to do was decorate it. 
I seriously was in such a hurry I forgot to put on the decorating tip. Of course I immediately noticed what I had done, but decided I kind of liked the way it was looking, this actually gave it a unique "rough-edged" look.  I was asked how I did this look when I took it to the birthday party because the guests thought it looked so cool. Lol. Hooray, another mistake turns into a success! 

Maybe these S'more cookies would be fun.

Have a relaxing and delicious holiday!

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