Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fat Free Banana-Peach Sorbet w/Fresh Fruit On Top

It wasn't me…it was my husband who came up with this oh so delicious banana-peach sorbet.  He's getting to be a regular in the kitchen these days!! 

Weight watcher followers count the entire batch of sorbet at 14 points and divide as you please. 

Fresh fruit does not have to be added on top, it is delicious plain.  But if you are like us and really enjoy the fresh fruits of the season…you might want to try it.

Fat Free Banana-Peach Sorbet 
4 frozen bananas, cut into medium sized chunks
1 large fresh peach, cut into 1/4 sections.
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2-3 Tbsp any type of milk or milk substitute as needed for desired consistency.

Put all ingredients into a heavy duty blender or food processor. Stop and stir often. Be patient it takes a few minutes before it becomes a smooth sorbet.  If the sorbet seems to soft, pour into a freezer container and let firm up for an hour or more. Any left overs can also be stored in a freezer container.

Finished sorbet ready to dish up or freeze for later. We use an flat, oblong freezer container. Since it is shallow it freezes faster. 



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