Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Feel Like I Am Married To My Garden...

In case you're wondering…I've been preserving the continual flow of produce my husband so carefully grows.

I thought I was all done with the onions, but while in the garden picking tomatoes I discovered more.

The onions will be washed and dried then stored in small paper bags that I have added small holes to with a standard hole punch. I will be adding this post soon.

Today also included picking apples and pears. I will dry pears as always - we love dried pears. And making pie filling with the apples.

This year I am going to try something different with my tomatoes.

Instead of freezing the tomatoes whole I am going to puree them, pour the mixture into freezer bags, place the filled bags on cookie sheets and freeze.  This way, once frozen, they will be flat for easy stacking in the freezer. I think this will be a faster and more efficient way to preserve tomatoes. Plus make it easier to use when I need them for a recipe.

I will be posting the steps as soon as I can.   Until then…you know where to find me!

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