Monday, September 8, 2014

GF Sweet Potato & Quinoa Tacos

Trying something new can be pleasantly surprising...

This amazing meal is fast, delicious and healthy. And it's perfect for a Meatless Monday!

GF Sweet Potato & Quinoa Tacos     
1-2 Medium Sweet potatoes,  baked or microwaved. Maybe a leftover sweet potato from another day. Cut into medium sized cubes. Lightly brush with olive oil and lightly salt. Broil right before serving.
Quinoa & Black Bean Pilaf or Red Inca Quinoa & Bean Pilaf, prepared.
Soft corn tortillas - gently heated in a skillet lightly coated with a non-stick cooking spray. Wrap warm tortillas in foil until ready to serve.

Pica De Gallo
chopped lettuce

So incredibly easy and delicious. This is one of my husband's favorite meatless meals.
This dinner idea and photos are from my daughter. In her tacos she used the Quinoa & Black Bean Pilaf. Both pilafs are delicious.


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