Saturday, September 13, 2014

Insanely Delicious German Chocolate Brownies

Oh yes…you need to make these!

And be sure to freeze some too…these are better than candy!!
I'm hoping you can see the chocolate frosting layer under that coconut pecan layer.

It all happened as a misunderstanding of my  directions given to my husband as he helped me prepare dessert for a little family gathering.  The result…AMAZING!

We had to freeze them just to stop eating them they were so good.  The next day when my husband went to grab just "one" for a snack…a whole new problem! We loved them even better frozen. There is just no way to escape these delicious brownies…but for sure they will be enjoyed!!

Make these gluten free or regular. Use a box mix or one of your favorite brownie recipes. We used a box mix for ours. There are many gluten free box mixes available.  Frostings used are pre-made and gluten and dairy free too. Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Classic Chocolate and Coconut Pecan are said to be gluten and dairy free. Be sure to always read labels... companies change things periodically.

Insanely Delicious German Chocolate Brownies           Makes a 9"x12" pan
Purchased brownie mix for 9"x12" pan, gluten free or regular. Or your own favorite recipe.
eggs -as on directions on box mix.
water -as on directions on box mix.
oil -as on directions on box mix.
Purchased chocolate frosting.   Or your own favorite recipe.
Purchased coconut pecan frosting.  Or your own favorite recipe.

Preheat oven to temperature given on box. Prepare brownies and pour into a 9"x12" baking pan sprayed with a non-stick product.  Bake as on directions on box.

Let cool completely. Frost brownies with chocolate frosting covering entire pan. Frost over chocolate with coconut pecan frosting.

Serve up and enjoy….or freeze.

It is much easier to grab individual servings if you cut them before freezing. And be sure to freeze in a good quality container to prevent freezer burn.

Your welcome!  : )

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