Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cinnamon Sprinkled Dried Apple Slices

My daughter likes to buy these dried apple slices with cinnamon, but it's expensive for a college student on a fixed budget…so we decided to make our own.

We like to leave the peeling on the apples, think of it like...getting an extra bonus. There are antioxidants and essential nutrients in apples with peels.

Cinnamon Sprinkled Dried Apple Slices
Apples - any variety you like. Washed, dried, and sliced. Core removed.
Cinnamon - a container with a shaker on top is helpful. We obviously like alot!

I set my dehydrator temperature on 135, or if using an oven set to 120-140 degrees.
Place sliced apples on a flat surface like a large baking sheet. 
Sprinkle with cinnamon. We go heavy on the cinnamon, my daughter really loves this stuff.
I suggest starting lightly and let your taste buds decide.
Let dry about 4-6 hours. It will depend on the thickness of your slices and your particular type of dehydrator. The key is making sure all the moisture is gone from the apple. This increases the shelf life. A properly dried apple can last all year in a tightly sealed container or freezer bag, stored in a cool place, away from heat. 

Eat your dried cinnamon apples for snacks, cut up in cereal (hot or cold), add to trail mix and granola.
Maybe stir some cut up dried apples in a cookie or snack bar recipe. 

Take some to a party and watch how fast they disappear!  

A no sugar added healthy snack!


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