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Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Mary, and this is actually the home of my first original blog.

I am currently building a new website which is quite time consuming. I wish there was a magical way to snap my fingers and have all my recipes and pictures instantly transferred...but there is not. So I hope you will please bear with me.

As I add my recipes from this original blog to my new website I will be deleting them one by one, until eventually this blog will no longer be online. Until then unfortunately it has been a little confusing for some of my followers, I apologize for that and am available through email,, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and google+ if you ever have questions during this process.

And remember...if you don't see a recipe here, check my new website at the link above.

Thanks again for supporting my favorite, baking, and sharing!

We live on a farm in Oregon, this is a big part of our lives... though not our "real" jobs.

We have 13 goats that happily eat their way through poison oak and blackberry bushes on our farm.
Here are the two newest additions to our goat family.

We also have an awesome farm dog named Charlie, and 5 rescue cats. I won't show all the cats....even though I'm tempted : )

 My husband raises grass-fed beef on our farm, among many other things.  Even though I choose not to eat meat, I understand that some people do. I personally follow a Plant Based Diet, as much as possible.

I like sewing, crafts, kayaking, biking, camping, reading, hiking, the beach and working out.
Oh ... and baking : )  We are a pretty active family.  Of course there is always plenty of work on the farm to keep us busy!

It is very beautiful in Oregon, and I can't help but share a little. There is certainly a lot to do here, though a little longer sunny season would be ok with me.

The Salmon River

Facing Cascade Head - a beautiful place to hike.


I absolutely love the Rails-to-Trails bike paths! Two of my favorites (so far) are, the Banks Vernon State Trail and the Row River Trail. 

On the Row River Trail, you ride along beautiful Dorena Lake, shown below, to Culp Creek Trailhead.


Oregon beaches are gorgeous and popular as well.

Popular sand dune in Pacific City, one of Oregon's many beaches.

Hiking....                Central Oregon,  Paulina's Peak - gorgeous!

                             Tumalo Falls  also in Central Oregon.

 Wahclella Falls near the Portland area.

Last, but not least by any means...Opal Creek is breathtaking, Of course it's a wonderful hiking area with cabins and camp areas as well.

If you love hiking/water falls, and I do...Silver Falls, Oregon's Largest State Park, has 10 gorgeous falls to see on a lovely hike.

There are also plenty of skiing options here…both snow and water-skiing.  But I don't do either of those anymore, certainly not my area of expertise : ]

I suppose I should be showing pictures of my kitchen, since that is where I spend a huge part of my day. As many people know, when a person has food allergies/sensitivities it takes a fair amount of dedication in the kitchen.

 My allergies/sensitivities are as follows: all dairy, eggs, asparagus, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, pineapples, peaches, amaranth, buckwheat, mushrooms, tomatoes, beef, coffee, and sugar cane. I am also sensitive to teas. Yes, even herbal teas. I actually ended up finding out I was celiac as well. And if that wasn't enough, I have severe clinical hypoglycemia and frequent migraines. The reason I list my allergies/sensitivities is simply for the reader to see what I am working with on a daily basis. I have lived with a dairy allergy my whole life and other sensitivities for 20 yrs. (Though some food sensitivities can change.)

It took years to figure out what was wrong with me. There were many doctor appointments, tests, and never any answers as to why I was so sick.

 I started getting stomach aches in elementary school which was blamed on my nerves. My stomach would bloat up during the day and often I would throw up at night after dinner. By the time I got in junior high school I stopped eating lunch to avoid sitting in pain the rest of the day while in class. Then when I got home from school I would eat. It was just easier that way. Doctors tried to help, but I think with so many foods involved it was difficult to find the solution. As a baby I had to be on banana powder, even soy and goat milk made me sick.

 In my early twenties I went to my first Naturopathic Doctor, who did some blood tests and told me I was allergic to all meats, not to eat potatoes with grains, and to stop drinking Diet Pepsi and Crystal Light. At first I started to feel better, but it wasn't the answer. As that year went on things just got worse. I even had to go to the ER during a night class, because the pain in my stomach was so severe that I couldn't even stand up straight. The ER doctor said he thought it must be gas pains, and explained how these pains can be felt from below the neck to the groin area. But I knew that wasn't the answer.

Some how I made it through college and even teaching High School Home Economics and through two pregnancies. Yes, still eating only breakfast until after school everyday. I would get stomach aches from breakfast, but if I ate lunch it was just too painful.

After my son was born, my second pregnancy, I was starting to lose everything I ate. This is where celiac symptoms started to really show up.  My husband and I could never go to friend's house for dinner for fear what would result after eating, and often I had to walk a lot or lay on my back to deal with the pain. And when we went out for dinner we always had to go straight home. My husband is a trooper I would like to add. He has always been supportive and has never made me feel bad about all the problems I always seemed to cause, or the things we have missed out on with friends. He is always so kind and understanding... and very politely gets me out of awkward situations still to this day. Because unfortunately, even now, when I think I have eaten a safe food somewhere.... it is never a guarantee.

About 10 years ago, a new Naturopathic Doctor insisted I eat a high protein gluten free diet, and did a whole new series of food allergy/sensitivity tests on me.  My stomach improved but my headaches were worse than ever.  A year later this same doctor suggested I try a plant-based diet. My headaches improved. After a year or so I added some occasional meat back into my diet, due to some confusion  on what exactly was the healthiest diet for me... seriously, by now I was pretty burned out!  I just wanted to feel good, have energy, and live a long healthy life.

I decided to return to my non-meat eating lifestyle three years ago.  Since I am allergic to milk and eggs that conveniently makes me very close to eating a completely, plant-based diet.  This way of eating has been a great choice for me.  My stomach issues are simply a thing of the past as long as I don't cheat too often on foods I am sensitive to, especially gluten, dairy, and eggs.  Out of all the foods I am allergic or sensitive to, almonds, tomatoes, and sugar cane are the hardest for me because they are added to so many pre-made foods and in recipes.  Not to mention I love tomatoes and salsa!!

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog. And remember...focus on what you CAN have rather than focusing on what you can't have.  Happy eating.